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What Passenger Rail Champions Are Saying

Phoenix is the largest city in the United States without access to passenger rail service and this line, particularly connecting Phoenix with Tucson, will open up incredible new opportunities for our region."

US Representative Greg Stanton

Arizona's 4th Congressional District

We enthusiastically support Amtrak’s vision to bring passenger rail service to our communities. Frequent and reliable passenger rail service will expand economic opportunities and provide important regional connections between our cities and towns."

Mayor Kate Gallego & Mayor Regina Romero

Phoenix & Tucson, Arizona

I believe that additional Amtrak service to our community would be a tremendous benefit to our citizens.”

Mayor Ed Honea

Marana, Arizona

The tremendous growth of the entire Tucson and Southern Arizona region makes this Amtrak expansion opportunity necessary.  In order for this region to continue growing strategically and successfully, we must be able to move people between two major metro areas with speed and efficiency. Rail infrastructure is foundational to economic prosperity.”

Joe Snell

President & CEO, Sun Corridor Inc.

The Tucson Metro Chamber unequivocally supports connecting Tucson and Phoenix with passenger rail service. This connection will bring significant infrastructure investment to our community and create economic opportunities that benefit Southern Arizona and the greater Southwest region.”

Michael Guymon

President & CEO, Tucson Metro Chamber


What Passenger Rail Champions Are Saying

The investment extending the Heartland Flyer would be invaluable to Kansans, also invaluable to the Southwest Chief with its stop in Newton and what a difference that will make in the ridership of that long-distance route."

Senator Jerry Moran

State of Kansas

Bringing new Amtrak routes to Kansas will fuel our economic recovery and improve quality of life. We’ll continue working with our federal and local partners to get this project done.”

Governor Laura Kelly

State of Kansas

It’s going to open up major metropolitan communities, and the ability to move people, whether you’re a senior citizen or a young individual for new jobs.”

Senator Carolyn McGinn

Kansas State Senate

Texas is our 9th largest economy in the entire world so having that direct connection with such a large economy would just be huge for us. It goes right around the corridor that Wichita State and the City of Wichita have been targeting as a place to bring in students, bring in new talent."

Mayor Brandon Whipple

Wichita, Kansas

We want to continue doing anything and everything we can to get my friends from Dallas and Texas on board and get Oklahoma connected with the rest of the world via Kansas, because Kansas is the key link between the east and the west.”

Mayor Homer Nicholson

Ponca City, Oklahoma

When you can connect in Kansas, suddenly it really opens up the West Coast and the Northeast to Oklahoma passengers.”

Mayor David Holt

Oklahoma City, OK

We have high hopes for passenger rail service from Cheyenne to Denver and someday, to Pueblo, Colorado… There are $44 billion dollars for rail service right now and we hope to see service in the next five to 10 years.”

Mayor Patrick Collins

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Transportation has the benefit of really creating a growing economy that includes everybody… That’s one of the magical things that comes from transportation investments is that it includes more communities in economic growth.” 

Senator John Hickenlooper

State of Colorado

We are saving Coloradans money, fighting for clean air, and reducing drive time for Coloradans, which is why I am thrilled to make passenger rail for the Front Range of Colorado one step closer to becoming a reality…A dedicated railroad connecting communities from New Mexico to Colorado to Wyoming isn’t just great for our environment but, as our history shows, it will spur innovation and move people, ideas and businesses."

Governor Jared Polis

State of Colorado

We ought to have a way to move people from Pueblo to Denver, besides highways, that are more environmentally friendly and easier for Puebloans to do… It would be fantastic, I think, if we had people that could live in Pueblo and work in Denver and commute on the train."

Mayor Nick Gradisar

Pueblo, Colorado

An intercity rail service would add another element of healthy transportation infrastructure aimed at promoting economic growth and improving personal mobility and quality of life.”

Senator Mike Crapo

State of Idaho

Having that train was a big part of what the Treasure Valley is. … It would be wonderful if we had that back.”

Governor Brad Little

State of Idaho

We want to have as many opportunities for our residents to move from place to place as possible. We want to be able to connect our communities in the region, connect to the Air Force base in Mountain Home, connect to Pocatello, and then, of course, get to Salt Lake."

Mayor Lauren McLean

Boise, Idaho

The Heartland Flyer between Texas and Kansas is also an important means of fully connecting the nation’s fastes tgrowing economic development corridor located along Interstate 35."

Mayor Mattie Parker

Fort Worth, Texas


What Passenger Rail Champions Are Saying

Investment in passenger rail expansion will boost travel and tourism while expanding economic growth across our region. I’m proud to have helped secure the federal grant to make it happen, and I will continue pushing for additional resources to improve our state’s transportation infrastructure.”

Senator Amy Klobuchar

State of Minnesota

Expanding Amtrak in Ohio, whether along current routes or by connecting Cleveland-Columbus-Dayton-Cincinnati, would transform our state’s economy and improve mobility for all Ohioans.”

Senator Sherrod Brown

State of Ohio

People here are so excited about Amtrak coming back to Crestline. People here are in love with the railroad. We are here to support Amtrak and passenger rail service throughout Ohio. Crestline was the place that north-south met east-west. We believe Crestline is going to play a vital role for Amtrak.”

Mayor Linda Horning Pitt

Crestline, Ohio

I commend Gov. DeWine and regional leaders for taking this important first step to expand Amtrak in Ohio, made possible by the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Expanding Amtrak in Cleveland will have a profound impact on the entire Northeast Ohio region by creating jobs, boosting our economy, and improving mobility for all.”

US Representative Emilia Sykes

Ohio’s 13th Congressional District

We know that the effort to have this system for the State of Ohio will be key to connect to our friends and other communities, to create good paying jobs.”

Mayor Nan Whaley

Dayton, Ohio

I have long supported investments to improve our nation’s railroad infrastructure so we can expand access to safe, reliable and efficient transportation for more Wisconsinites, and I’m excited to see Amtrak’s proposal to bring passenger rail service to new communities in Wisconsin.”

Senator Tammy Baldwin

State of Wisconsin


What Passenger Rail Champions Are Saying

I believe this initiative can bring tremendous benefits to our region in terms of economic development, workforce, tourism, and public safety.”

Mayor William “Sandy” Stimpson

Mobile, Alabama

An Amtrak line connecting Louisiana’s capital to the largest metropolitan area in the state will have immense economic benefits for both cities and the parishes in between, allowing the state to compete with other major metropolitan areas”

Governor John Bel Edwards

State of Louisiana

These expansions are vitally important to connect communities and people to jobs and opportunities.”

Senator Gary Carter Jr.

Louisiana State Senate

Restoring passenger service between New Orleans and Mobile is a critical economic driver for our region. I pledge to work with Amtrak and the railroads to help make the service a reality. We know that to grow, we have to think regionally, and this is a step in connecting New Orleanians with destinations along the Gulf Coast."

Mayor LaToya Cantrell

New Orleans, LA


What Passenger Rail Champions Are Saying

With dedicated federal investment, strong local coordination and the hardworking spirit of Northeastern Pennsylvania, I believe Scranton-New York rail service can move from a legacy of the past to a reality for the future.”

Senator Bob Casey

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

We know that putting our area back on the rail map will grow businesses, create jobs, and boost tourism, bringing in billions of dollars in economic development.”

Representative Matt Cartwright

Pennsylvania’s 8th Congressional District

An Amtrak connecting the Lehigh Valley to New York City would: connect city pairs, make easier commutes, foster economic growth, create jobs. And most importantly, it would bring Lehigh Valley into the 21st century. Let’s get it done.”

Representative Susan Wild

Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District